Our Sacred Body’s Language

We have to make room for making conscious choices that bring our bodies back to places of nourishment, pleasure, & contentment that align with our best possible selves & what feels legitimately GOOD, FOR our bodies that we live in.

The more that we can be in a space of intimacy & consciousness with our own body’s language, the more we can stand empowered within the truth of what that knowledge provides for us.

Healing Through Yoni Art by Sarah Elaine

“My own personal portal of creation, of energy, of transformation, of power, nestled warmly within my hips & thighs. This portal deserves respect & to be honored beautifully; & so I wanted to create art FOR her. Art that would serve as my reclamation of my journey, & that has been birthed through me.

So, I decided to create yoni art to honor her.”