Centering Women and Slowing Down

It’s become so clear to me, through the cues of how my body responds to living grounded in this place, that a maturing is essential to creating women-centric communities. It must be done on the ground, in person, on the land, with women and girls. 

WolfMothering: Learning to Love and to be Free

“Women who learn to love are the greatest threat to the patriarchal status quo.” – Bell Hooks This is not where I thought I’d be at forty-one, not living the typical life of my peers, without the prized trophies of love, as a mother and a wife. If you had asked me in my 20s, …

On Homecoming and Lost Heritage

On a peninsula in Lake Michigan, at the 45th parallel where there are four distinct seasons, I was born in early summer, sister of the lightning bugs. My Dad bought 40 acres for something like $2,300 that year. A slice of Benzie County this nice would sell for $250K+ today. Makes me wonder who he …

Teens Be Having Sex… and We’re Failing Them

Teens are still going to have sex. And as their elders, parents, aunties, and teachers, we’re failing them. We are still not being real with them, treating them like autonomous humans capable of reason, or championing their capacity to make good choices for themselves. We are not giving them the tools and a proper education to become sexually responsible and healthy adults.

A Heterosexual Fem in Support of my Alt-sex Sisters

“Republican lawmakers are downplaying the reach of the apparent decision, avoiding the question of whether gay rights are next on the chopping block. Bryan Metzger of Business Insider asked “nearly a dozen” Republican senators whether they think the draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade threatens the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision recognizing the right to same-sex marriage, and whether they supported overturning the Obergefell decision. Metzger wrote: “None gave a clear yes or no answer, and several outright declined to comment.” A year ago, seventy percent of Americans supported gay marriage.

“Regardless of who leaked the draft, in its wake, the political landscape in the country appears to be shifting. The right wing seems to see this as its moment to accomplish the imposition of religious restrictions they had previously only dreamed of achieving. Talk of ending gay marriage, recriminalizing homosexuality, undermining public schools, and so on, is animating the radical right. Media stories have noted that most democratic countries have, in fact, been expanding reproductive rights. Going the opposite direction is a sign of rising authoritarianism. The United States shares that distinction right now with Poland and Nicaragua.”

Heather Cox Richardson, Letters from an American