Shay Holloway

My name is Shay Holloway. I am a creative from Arkansas. I say creative because at that's the thing that feeds me. It runs through me a fuels my every day. More specifically, I am an acrylic/mixed media artist, and photographer.I allow feeling and intuition to not only guide my work but my creative journey! Creating is life, quite literally.On canvas, I create cosmic art (and a bit of abstract sprinkled here and there). "Pure Potential" is a series of galaxies available on canvas and in prints."Body" a series of body portraits combine galaxies with the magic that is the body to create cosmic body art intended to boost and promote a healthy relationship with the body. Contact me via my website to inquire about becoming part of the series! (Literally see yourself AS the art that you are!)Behind the camera, I do a little of it all! Event photography, birthday portraits, senior portraits, etc. Contact me to participate in an ongoing project "Letters to My Insecurities".