Angela Anderson - The Energy of Oneness

As an expression of Divine Beingness, Angela is the creator/facilitator of Energetic Activations, Light Language Art, Channeled Poems, Prose, and Commentary, among other things.The Manifestation which embodies as Angela is that of an Ancient Origin in regard to Earth linear time. As Angela has grown into greater Awareness of Being has she, as have many others, permitted the flow of this Great Frequency, allowing it to, once again, anchor itself within the Earth plane. With Love is there a great Opportunity within the Human Collective to Reconnect to that which was once known and yet has been forgotten. With Love, is there offered a many-fold experience within the Frequency which flows through Angela. By allowing the Self to Feel, at every level, those in Receipt of this Frequency will be moved to Remembrance of their own Truth of Being, facilitating Greater Depth of Expression, fully Embodying The Divine in Manifest Form.