Beneath the Rubble

“Before The Human became therein enraptured within the delusions of an illusion created and projected by his very own mind, were We The Gods who inhabited this Reality.  We were those whose Knowledge of the Heavens served the Earth.  We were the Reflection of a Creator whose Creation served the highest most elevated vision of Self.  This is The Pleasure once Known.  Once Lived.  Once Indulged and Enjoyed.”

The Pulse

“The state, whose depths are incessantly discovered from the space of Alignment.  Alignment to one’s Truth.  Alignment to one’s Authentic Beingness.  Alignment to one’s very Soul.  Lived and Breathed in the moment wherein one walks in synchronized Rhythm with the Divine Source Essence of the Creation itself.  This, is Passion.”


Change.  Disruption.  Constants which set our Life stage, upsetting our zones of Perceived Comfort.  Two aspects which serve as necessary and important Catalysts, yielding to us the impetus to move, providing us the Gift of Contrast from which we have Opportunity to Choose our Preferences, establishing our Evolutionary Path forward on this Journey called Life.

Permission to Dream

To dream. To imagine.  To envision.  To allow one’s self a moment of reflection.  To see.  To inwardly conjure, assess and feel the ways Life may Become, based solely on that which is most desired.  This is typically a default practice when were children.  We allow ourselves to toy with ideas of creating a Life, …

Ancestral Blessing

The Ancestors are speaking.  Are you ready to sit in the Sacred Circle and recall the Wisdom of The All?


Heat.  Anger.  Rage.  Fight.  Flight.  Fueled by a fire which feels exceedingly overwhelming, and absolutely necessary.  Lending to the ease of slipping into The Drama.  The blame.  The seething need to defend.  To retaliate.  The feeling of being victimized.  Threatened.  Mistreated.  All giving rise to the seeming powerlessness to subdue that reaction, once provoked.  This is, at least, the case when one is unaware of the truth of The Moment.  Lacking The Vision to see with clarity The Golden Opportunity which The Triggers present.

The Root

Shadow.  Rooted in that which seeks to remain unseen, hidden, ignored. Touching the many aspects of embodiment.  Reaching into, across, and through all time and space.  Becoming as tentacled vines, clinging to all touched.  With the power to render asunder all which might obstruct, the very existence and well-being of that which it seeks to protect and nourish.  Wielding the power, as relinquished, to affect the physical, mental and emotional body.  Until met face-to-face with a courage willing to see the Grand Illusion which lies therein.