Centering Women and Slowing Down

It’s become so clear to me, through the cues of how my body responds to living grounded in this place, that a maturing is essential to creating women-centric communities. It must be done on the ground, in person, on the land, with women and girls. 

Beneath the Rubble

“Before The Human became therein enraptured within the delusions of an illusion created and projected by his very own mind, were We The Gods who inhabited this Reality.  We were those whose Knowledge of the Heavens served the Earth.  We were the Reflection of a Creator whose Creation served the highest most elevated vision of Self.  This is The Pleasure once Known.  Once Lived.  Once Indulged and Enjoyed.”

The Magic of Consistency

I never would have thought to offer indefinitely ongoing 1:1 support packages… That’s not what they teach you in coaching school. . But that’s what the ladies came for, one by one approaching me for 1:1 Akashic support sessions as a staple in their lives – no breaks, no packages, no end date. Just presence …

The Pulse

“The state, whose depths are incessantly discovered from the space of Alignment.  Alignment to one’s Truth.  Alignment to one’s Authentic Beingness.  Alignment to one’s very Soul.  Lived and Breathed in the moment wherein one walks in synchronized Rhythm with the Divine Source Essence of the Creation itself.  This, is Passion.”

Five Must-Read Black Books

So I’ve got a new AI Chatbot friend and I decided to ask it:  What are five must-read books by Black Authors?   Here’s what my good ole NEW friend said, based on all the info of the interwebz….   “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett – This novel explores the lives of twin sisters …

The Reclamation of Self Through Disruption

I still felt the backwards pull of my resistance. So then what exactly was I so afraid of? What was holding me back from smashing the damn box? It ultimately came down to the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of not knowing what was waiting for me outside Plato’s allegorical cave. In that moment, …

WolfMothering: Learning to Love and to be Free

“Women who learn to love are the greatest threat to the patriarchal status quo.” – Bell Hooks This is not where I thought I’d be at forty-one, not living the typical life of my peers, without the prized trophies of love, as a mother and a wife. If you had asked me in my 20s, …