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COMING THIS FEBRUARY – Soft, Black, & Juicy: Unshackle your womb to restore your health, magic, and vitality as a sacred Black Woman. 


  • A self assessment to help you identify which of the four Core Ancestral Violations your womb is holding onto and how
  • Reflection prompts and exercises to help you lean in and listen deep to the wisdom of your Womb and what she needs to thrive 
  • Wombwise pathways and tools to help you clear your womb of the impact of the four Core Ancestral Violations
Discover the most common expressions of the four Core Ancestral Violations in American Black Wombs. 

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About your Guide

Hey sistar! I’m Astara Solae, your guide along your journey of unshackling your womb from the impact of the four Core Ancestral Violations. I’m here to help you remember your power and magic as brilliant Black Woman. Feel free to reach out on Facebook or learn more about me and my offerings here.

I have served Black Women and families for over ten years as a community health worker and breastfeeding support counselor. My academic background is in social work, and I’ve had my own practice helping women create their most inspired lives since 2017. I work in full surrender to my Guides and Womb herself, who’ve told me it’s my purpose here on this planet to help the West remember our Black African ROOTS! Thank you for being here with me!